No Spring Chicken #26

When you are fighting cancer, in any of its forms, it is easy to assume that the worst case scenario is yours. But not all problems are mine, nor are all physical problems. Yesterday Janet went to her dentist because something happened when she bit into a popcorn kernel. OK, that is my fault. I made the popcorn. But she decided she could chew on a kernel that didn't pop. So it is her fault, too. Anyway, she went to the dentist yesterday (Tuesday), and they sent her to the oral surgeon. [Does anyone besides me have problems with that designation?] The bottom line, though, is that Janet broke a tooth, bad. So she had to have it removed today. So I took her in, waited (they had a video on how to take care of her afterwards) then met the surgeon, [who knew Bruce B. from BIR, so we talked a bit about rowing] then I brought Janet home, sans one tooth. She has to decide how to replace it (flipper vs implant), then we'll proceed from there. So I've fixed lunch (scrambled eggs) and dinner (leftovers - evidence destroyer for me and shrimp and rice for her), and I'll put out the garbage in a bit, because it is garbage night. Tomorrow Janet plans on being back on duty working on her UMW Church Bazaar (this weekend, and she is the director). So, we have our marching orders, and I'm trying to keep up my part of the deal. After all, when I'm under the chemo she takes care of me.

I 594 passed. Now I have to decide whether I'm really moving out of Washington, the US, or just gonna accept that I live in a state habited by idiots. First, 594 was funded 85% by four people - Bill Gates, Steve Balmer, another Washington Billionaire, and a New York Billionaire. Not only that, 594 has almost as many bugs as any of the other software Microsoft (Gates and Balmer) has turned out. OK, maybe more. Last week I spent a pleasant 3 hours with an old friend. He evaluates guns, so he looked at the five guns I brought and gave me values for may sales of them. Then he showed me several special guns he had acquired over the years. Between the two of us, over three pleasant hours, if 594 had already been in effect we would have committed 60+ class C Fellonies. Not bad for a pleasant three hours between friends. Now, of course, we can't have that pleasant afternoon together, because that law has been passed. Just like Windows problems in the early 2000s when they turned on the device checking software and 30+% of windows machines shut down. Seems like anything brought to us by Bill and Steve has bugs that should be thought through before enacted. Unfortunately, no one bothered to think this one through before passing it. They kept telling us it would solve the problem of the one woman who was killed by her boyfriend who got a weopon by the loophole in the previous gun sales laws. Yes, the previous rules had a loophole, but we plugged that loophole and a whole hell of a lot more with this baby!!! So, if you are running down the street chased by an angry mob of idiots who are out for your blood, don't bother stopping to ask me for the loan of a gun. You are on your own, along with everyone else who voted for this travesty of a law. Of course, the criminal won't ask for a gun, he'll club me up side the head and take it, shoot all the people chasing him and go his merry way. But by god we have closed that legal loophole that kept some people honest!!!

OK, off my soapbox now. The vein in my head is throbbing and I'm riled up. But let's get off that. Today I had my last (for now) appointment with Jeannene, my physical therapist. It turns out we were both on the same page for this to be the last visit. So, instead of her working on my shoulder or my glute (Piriformis muscle problem), we talked about the exercises I'd need to do, how they would apply to my crew team, what exercises would be good for the team in working towards their goals (or my goals for them). We talked about the exercises that would help them, and how to make it work better. I worked on performing each exercise as described so I could demonstrate and help them do it right. We also talked about the problems I have and how to work them into order. A good and fulfilling meeting, if not as much fun as having her play with my buns (working the Piriformis problems). It was a lot less painful, too.

Friday Chuck is coming by to record my "Christmas Story" for the chorus show. My story is about how dragons came to Condonia. Actually, it is a great story, but you'll have to come to the chorus show (Dec 6th, North Kitsap High School) to get the total story. Duncan was the first dragon. He started the influx of dragons that is now over 200 in our house. Cute story, lots of neat dragons. Come to the show and hear about it.

Jeff and I are disagreeing about our rules for naval battles. The difference is between the anceint rules (mine) and the renaissance rules (his). But since we are primarily basing both sets on the same basics, we want as much similarity as possible. Before this I've been free to do whatever I want with my ancient rules. Now (as of this fall) I have to consider how my decisions affect his renaissance rules, as well as what works best. He has a lot more fighters aboard the later ships, but I'm resisting adding more melee troops to the ancients. Guess I'll have to sit down and re-think a lot of things. This weekend is shapping up to be something more than interesting.

Just to make life more interesting, Clair (technically, Chocolatey Clair, our 12.5 year old chocolate lab) has decided that wastebaskets are hers to raid. Sigh. A dog is good for as long as you insure they are good. Then they go outside the boundaries. So Clair is in the doghouse (literally and figuratively), and not to be trusted in any room that has an open wastebasket, or one she can get the top off of (yes, she did that). Sigh. Life is never easy. But at least I'm still on the top side of the soil! As is Janet. So life is great at the moment!