No Spring Chicken #25

I have never been so happy to be wrong in my life. Janet wasn't being mean. She was giving me incentive to make sure I took my medications and was able to eat the pie. Yup, I was feeling well enough last night to have a piece of the apple pie and it was scrumptious! Perfect crust (as always), so good that even the heavy knurled part on the edges, when eaten alone, was good. The filling was just right for gooyness, and delicious besides. Mmmmm. I sure live in the right house. So, no more need to defend Janet, she has been vindicated, and apologized to, too. No more offers to alleviate my problem of excess pie and beer, need be sent, either!

I'm done with the chemo for another three weeks. Today I had Maureen as my nurse, and she was very good, but had a tendency to set the timer for when she thought the bag would be empty, so the beeper went off twice when it wasn't empty, yet. We just got home the hiccups started up again. But we were discussing Washington State Initiative 594 and that scared them away. So now we'll see how much I'm going to be able to do this week. I'm going to coach rowing on Saturday morning, but have made no other plans for the weekend and told the crew team I'd let them know about Thursday evening. I knew I wouldn't be up to it Tuesday, but they didn't go out due to wind, anyway.

Speaking of I-594...Nah. I don't want to go in to that hear. This isn't a bully pulpit, or you'll all tune out. I'll just say, "Read it or don't vote for or against."

A friend pointed me to a good book - 1434 by Gavin Menzies. It is about the Chinese expedition that sailed to Venice in 1434 and brought lots of things including maps of the entire world that are surprisingly accurrate for the day, an Encyclopedia that they had generated of all sorts of information that seems to have spurred the Renaissance. It seems both Columbus and Magellan had access to the world maps and information before they made their "great discoveries". Some facts support the concept that this began the Renaissance, too. Most of what Da Vinci is credited with developing seem to be re-drawings of concepts and designs (some in use) that the Chinese encyclopedia discussed and showed. So it is probable that Leonardo had access to a copy at some point in his life. There is an interesting graph of some of the leaders of the Renaissance that were alive at the time of the Chinese visit and the ideas/activities they had before the visit and the ones they did after the visit that is pretty convincing, too. Well worth the read.

It is currently "quiet time" around our house. The dog has been walked and loved up. Lunch has been eaten. Now we are settled back in comfy chairs or the couch reading or typing and waiting for sleep to catch us. So, off to rest we go. I bid you adieu!