No Spring Chicken #22

Did I say life should be interesting? Well, it is.

Last night I was doing fine. Then, I decided on a bedtime snack. So I made myself some hot chocolate and grabbed a couple of Janet's scrumptious muffins. Not those! The baked kind! When the muffins were gone I felt like one more thing was in order, so I grabbed a couple of triscuit crackers I had by the bedside (I have a salt tooth, as well as a sweet tooth). Big mistake. The salt kicked off my stomach and I got violent cramps. So I took one of the Lorazepam from the last treatments (expired in 2011 - I was too lazy and in pain to go down stairs for the new stuff). Well, that worked until about 3am, then the cramps kicked in again, this time accompanied by a trip to the bathroom for some unpleasant time. When I finally got the real medicine it helped a lot, and I got to sleep the rest of the night. In the morning, though, I awoke with hiccups. Really? Hiccups? Yup. Small and fairly unobtrusive, but continuous. Nothing could get rid of them. So, I still had them when we got to the hospital. Our checkin was at one, and they started the saline drip while they got the actual chemicals. So Janet went down for lunch, and I asked her to bring me the same lunch as yesterday (three chicken pieces -- they went down well). Again, they went down well, and cured the hiccups! OK, that is a bit strange, since the oatmeal and raisins for breakfast didn't cure the hiccups. Hmm. No pattern here that I can detect.

When we got done with the infusion, got out of the hospital and down to the ferry we made the 3:00 home. Swung by the library and lo and behold -- checking out a book triggered the hiccups to go again. What the...?!? OK, this is just plain weird. So, we get home and I go upstairs to work on my computer and Janet takes Clair for a walk. Some time while working on the computer the hiccups went away again. My, my, hiccups fly, if this don't kill me I may die! But, several hours later they come back after dinner. But they go away again after the "non-dairy yogurt taste test". Yes, I was trying three varieties of non-lactose varieties of yogurt, all in blueberry flavor. The soy varieties were pretty glum, but the coconut milk version, while not what I expected, was pretty good. Now to talk to Jeanene about which ones she preferred! She has a relative or friend with lactose intolerance and has tried several varietyies.

But my hiccups are gone, I've had my evening meds, I've got my stomach meds if needed, but I'm not eating another thing tonight. I want to sleep!.